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Leadership Expert and Executive & Team Coach 

Developing leaders and their teams to connect with themselves, each other, and their stakeholder groups.
They then lead with purpose and make a positive impact in their organization and wider world.

Working with people can be a blast once everything runs smoothly. But hey, life isn’t always perfect. And today's pressures are enormous. 


Besides that, people can be complex and organizations are complex too. It can be energy draining when team relationships are challenging, and things don’t go as planned. You may start doubting your own leadership. And as a result, your stress levels increase, you likely start doing more of what isn’t helpful and you feel alone.   


Do you recognize one of these common team issues?

  • Absence of trust; invulnerability, interpersonal issues, lack of open sharing of challenges and limitations

  • Fear of conflict; artificial harmony, inability to resolve conflicts

  • Lack of commitment; ambiguity, decisions not respected, lack of participation in meetings 

  • Avoidance of accountability; low standards, no accountability to team decisions, difficulty making team decisions

  • Inattention to results; status and ego get in the way, lack of focus on the success of the work/project and lack of results

I have seen many of these issues in the teams I am working with. And it doesn’t need to be like that! 


My role as a team coach is as a space maker and gentle challenger; making space for people to have the conversations they need to have in their organizations. And challenge them to create brave new thinking and behaviors. Space for transformation. To live better, do better and lead better. 


That is where I come in and am at my best. I have been a leader myself and had my own highs and lows like many of us. I truly understand the challenges leaders and teams face. 


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For leadership teams that want to be more strategic, influential, impactful and inspired.

  • Custom-tailored to your team’s leadership development needs

  • Includes 1:1 coaching, workshops, offsites, and leadership tools

  • Customized goal-setting and impact assessment

  • Includes 360 stakeholder analysis with TeamConnect 360 or Perill Diagnostics

Executive Coaching icon homepage.png

For executive and senior leaders who want intensive coaching to drive long-term, meaningful change.

  • Typically 6+ months

  • Bi-monthly coaching sessions and ongoing asynchronous coaching

  • “Field work” between sessions

Leadership Dev Programs icon homepage.png

For organizations who want to work in a group setting on their leadership skills. 

  • Customer-tailored to the groups' need

  • Ideally during a couple of sessions in order to create a lasting impact

  • Topics can include leadership essentials like communications, managing change, handling difficult conversations

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For organisations who want a high impact leadership offsite/meeting by bringing in an external facilitator.

  • Anywhere in the world

  • Online, offline or hybrid 

What clients are saying

"She managed to have a significant impact on me as an individual as well as on me as a team member and us as a team. Tjessica understands the art of active listening and doesn’t settle for less than the root cause in a very emphatic and caring way. I really appreciated her courage and vulnerability to try new ways to get us focused on our goals."

Anneke Seesing

VP Human Resources

Siemens Energy

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Contact Me

I am known for my warmth, and positive presence which opens doors for honest conversations and for shifting perspectives. I am passionate about bringing authenticity and humanity into the workplace. I’ve worked with executive teams, senior management teams, and individuals in global businesses for more than 25 years, both as a leader myself and as a consultant and coach. Please get in touch to see if we might be a good fit to work together. 


Mobile: (NL) +31 (0)6 1279 5886

Book a call with me via Calendly using the button below, or send me a message with the form here. Thank you!

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