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Facet5 Discovery and Feedback Session

Harness the power of your personality to realize your full potential

  • 2 hr
  • 650 euro
  • Online session

Service Description

How good do you know yourself? Your personality drives your behaviour. Did you know that? When you operate on auto-pilot you can often have a ‘hit and miss’ approach to the outcomes you create. You may not be aware of both your strengths, and how to leverage those, or those risks that keep turning up – getting in the way of you realizing your potential. When you build self-awareness and understanding, such as that which comes from a Facet5 Personality Profile, you can choose different behaviours, resulting in better outcomes, relationships, decisions and performance. The feedback I get from clients on their Facet5 Discovery and Feedback Session is amazing. Mostly, they are astonished about the accuracy and sometimes flabbergasted by the blindspots they have. Making them even more curious to further discover their personality with me. A Facet5 Personality Profile is: - Meaningful, it is not just a set of scores, but a rich story of ‘who you are’ - Easy to interpret – uses everyday language, not jargon - Easy to use and understand - Full of ‘aha’ moments that make you really think and, importantly, want to take action - Has a strong strength based approach but doesn’t gloss over the potential issues and risks - Practical and gives help and guidance Are you curious about your personality? By acquiring this online session you will get access to a questionnaire. It takes about 20 minutes to answer the questions. Afterwards you will receive a link to schedule an individual Facet5 Discovery and Feedback Session. You will automatically receive a link to our Zoom meeting after you selected a time slot of your choice. Please let me know if you prefer to work with Microsoft Teams. Are you ready to explore?

Cancellation Policy

In order to change or cancel your session, please contact me 48 hours before. Thank you!

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