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I bring 25 years of experience in communications and change management. I have consulted companies around the world. For several years I have lived abroad. Had various senior leadership roles. During my career, I specialized in helping leaders develop their change story and manage change in their teams and organizations.


My work has always been centred around people, communications, behaviours and change. Ultimately, this resulted in setting up my own Leadership & Team Coaching business end 2020.


My clients are forward-thinking organizations focusing on leadership and team development to reach their full potential. I work with C-level executives, senior corporate leaders or entrepreneurs and their teams to help them do their best work yet. And leading better together. 


I deeply understands the challenges leaders face personally and professionally. With a unique and fresh perspective, I blend my 25+ years business experience with extensive training in cutting-edge (team) coaching & trauma-informed approaches and insights from my own personal leadership journey.


Visit my LinkedIn profile or read more below about my journey.

My Journey

There is lots to tell, but let's focus on some of my own changes in recent years. It's living proof that you can recreate and reinvent yourself. 


In 2013-2014, I participated in a 10-months global leadership program. This program lifted me right out of my expected ways of doing things and showed me the path to a life with more ‘being’ instead of ‘only’ doing. I was invited to challenge my assumptions and how I was showing up as a leader. I discovered that I had totally adopted a masculine way of leadership to ‘survive’ the corporate system I was in. In one of the four retreats, I experienced myself as an oyster that cracked open and I could see glimpses of a beautiful pearl. In that moment the seed was planted deep inside of me to fully discover and polish the pearl. 


Another big realisation during this leadership journey was the concept of self-leadership. I realized that you can only lead others if you can lead yourself and your own life. And that was exactly what I wasn’t doing in my life. The system I was in started to get its toll on me, resulting in struggles with health and well-being. Although I was seen as a successful leader in my company, I knew it was not the leader who I had the potential to be. Or who I really wanted to be. Work had been the focus of my life with lots of international travel and 80 hours a week were more norm than exception. 


Less than a year after finishing this leadership program, my company was going through difficult economic times. Together with a few other senior leaders I got fired. And honestly, it felt as if I had my wings back. It was such freeing experience and I finally started my own business. For many years, I was running a successful change consulting practice.


Some years ago, I fell in love resulting in a loving relationship until today. In the beginning of 2018, a mixture of being in love and grief around passed loved ones resulted in a desire to take a time out. In August 2018, I took a long sabbatical and I decided to spend more time discovering who I really am and dealing more with my past. And I devoted my time to spiritual practice, walked the Camino to Santiago, reflected on my professional career and desires. I also spend more time on our orphanages in Nepal which we've been running since 2004.


All of this, helped me becoming more of who I am while the journey is still going on as we are always work in progress. 

I started to feel more connected to my authentic self than ever before in life. And when now answering the question "Who I am?" I can truly say that I see myself as loving, full of life, humorous, focused on healthy lifestyle, connected to people, nature and emotions. Many years of personal discovery and deep work were necessary to finally land where I am now today. Calling upon all parts of my soul – the values, the spiritual, the intellectual and the emotional. Now I am bringing my whole being into my executive & team coaching practice with amazing results.

I discovered that one of the things I am passionate about is helping leaders understand who they really are, how they lead and can become more authentic. Ultimately, bringing humanity to the workplace. Supporting leaders making their teams work better so they can create a happier workplace where people are thriving. And where they can make a bigger impact in the world. For me it’s important to be aligned with the big picture; any organization has power and can drive systemic change. 



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