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My way of working 

I intellectually challenge my clients, work actively with my intuition for their team dynamics, bring emotions to the surface, teach them how to have healthy conflict, inspire them to find their team’s purpose (which derives from the organization’s purpose) and create a solid foundation for action.  


I help them see what they don’t see themselves, also in their wider stakeholder world. I help them become more self-aware and authentic.

I stand next to them and encourage them to make the change happen. Ultimately, they become better leaders of their own lives and the teams and organizations they lead. Leading better together! 

What clients say about me

Clients keep telling me that working with me is full of "wow"; I am uplifting and have an open, warm and strong presence.

At the same time, I can be very calming, hold the space and bring difficult topics to the table. Working with me is like a breath of fresh air.

My business roles and strategic thinking are unique to my clients. I bring real world experience which is invaluable to them.  

Check the Recommendations section on my LinkedIn profile to read about experiences of other recent clients.


Frank Coetzee,
Siemens Gamesa

"Tjessica supported me and my team

(in my previous role at Siemens Energy)

with a Systemic Coaching journey over a 16 month period.  Her wealth of professional experience mixed with energy, imagination and a caring personality made her a joy to work with.


Tjessica was able to guide us through complex organization and team dynamics during a period where we were unable to work with each other in person.  She brought us to a place where there is more safety and trust. She helped us putting difficult topics on the table. She have a super intuition for the team dynamics and is helping my team to go deeper. I love it when she bring mindfulness exercises to the sessions. I feel the passion and experience when she does them.


For me personally, I discuss things with her that I discuss with no one else. Her dedication to my development is incredible and I feel how committed she is. She helped me form closer relationships with my team members. She was able to help me see things that I didn’t see myself.


She leaves us in a better place as a team and individuals and I can highly recommend her for any team or individual coaching interventions!"


James Hawkes,
Head of Finance,
Costain Group

"Working with Tjessica has been a very enjoyable and beneficial experience that the Commercial Leads are still reaping the rewards from.


The systemic team coaching has dialled into some fascinating topics such as changing habits, the super skills matrix, the 5 disciplines model alongside using 360 degree feedback to shape behaviours.


Now there is so much more team cohesion, focused on strategy and our overall vision, but also emphasis on communicating this to the wider project team and obtaining buy-in from non-financial people and support staff. If people understand what you are trying and achieve and why, it makes achieving the overall i objective and desired outcome that much easier.


Margin, productivity and efficiency is up. Fair play to Tjessica, she played a blinder. Would thoroughly recommend."


Onyeche Tifase,
VP Grid Consulting,
Siemens Energy

"I had the pleasure of receiving awesome coaching from Tjessica over a period of six months. This included two months of the Facet5 process.   


What I appreciated was her flexibility, ability to really listen and get through to understanding the root of a problem.  


As an experienced coach, she is able to challenge and dig into assumptions or misconceptions people have about themselves. This helps to bring clarity and focus about what to do and work on.


 I personally realized positive results and highly recommend Tjessica. Not only as an expert in her field but as someone who cares and wants to see others succeed!"


Systemic thinking

‘The question
is not what you look at,
but what you see’

Henri David Thoreau

Every time when I am in my bathroom,

I see this quote next to my mirror.

It reminds me that what we look at means little compared to what we see. What is not filtered away. And what’s going beyond the physical limitations and moving into feeling, intuition, or sensing. My own experiences in life have taught me that there is so much we often don’t see. Even in the little things.









I still remember very vividly the first time

I took an ‘en plein air’ painting class.

The teacher taught us to look at the colors of the fields. To see the wide variety of greens. A field is numerous shades of green. I remember the moment I drove home after that class and my eyes couldn’t stop looking at all these different colors of greens, I suddenly saw around me. The colors were there long before my class;

I just didn’t see them.


We see the world not as it is,

but as we are (Anaïs Nin).

Fascinating, isn’t it? It leaves me always wondering what else is there, that I am not yet seeing …

I see an analogy with systemic thinking;

I have always thought ‘big picture’ and my concerns for the world turned me into a vegetarian more than 25 years ago. For me this was the only way forward with the overpopulation of the world and the enormous pressure it puts on our natural resources. I set up a charity in Nepal to support orphans and we have been running three children’s homes for nearly 15 years. Of course, I am not a saint and

I have been flying frequently and still buy too many clothes. Oops, ...


However, the way I managed my consultancy assignments in communications strategy and change management was always with a clear perspective of future-back, outside-in, and considering all stakeholders. It never occurred to me it was called systemic thinking and that all of this could be used in team coaching too. Until I heard the term systemic team coaching, got curious and noticed the impact on clients.

Now it feels I can’t stop seeing it ... 

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