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The Influential Leader Program

This is the leadership coaching program for you if you’re a:


  • Senior leader or about to step into the C-Suite within a large multinational organization

  • HR Director who supports global leaders in demanding large-scale organizations


Which one sounds like you? 


Senior leader: you crave more influence, impact, and results: 

  • Do you want to establish meaningful connections with others? But you feel stressed out and disconnected from yourself?

  • Do you want to be more effective in persuading others to adopt your ideas and initiatives? Instead of using your authority to get ideas through? 

  • Do you want to develop a high value creating team? But you struggle with your team's capabilities, find it hard to delegate and trust others? 

  • Do you want to be able to convey messages effectively to inspire and motivate your team? But you fail to tell stories with energy and emotion?

  • Do you need more clarity regarding your organization or team purpose? But you lack a good understanding of stakeholder needs? 

  • Do you want to be driving successful change initiatives? But you experience challenges in managing resistance and driving meaningful transformation?  


HR Director: you need your senior leaders to step up their game:

  • Do you want to invest in high potential leaders, so they can inspire others and positively impact the bottom line in your organization? 

  • Would you like to support leaders who perform well, but who need to address key performance challenges? 

  • Could you do with some expert guidance on transitioning technically or functionally excellent leaders into key senior leadership roles?

  • Do you need your senior leaders to be more influential, more impactful, and deliver better results? 

What would you achieve if you were a truly influential leader? 

Authentic Leadership Presence​

You feel deeply connected with yourself, your people, and your stakeholder groups. 

Empowering coaching leadership

You and your team deliver exceptional results

Impactful communication mastery

You inspire others and lead with purpose

Change catalyst

You make a positive impact in your department, organization and wider world.

How the leadership coaching process looks like

We will be going on a self-discovery and development journey together.

A journey of learning, unlearning, and relearning about yourself and others. 


The program is built around my own 5C's coaching model:

Model 1-5.png

Who benefits when you're
an influential leader? 

Becoming an influential leader is the ultimate investment in your leadership development and career. Here’s why:


For you: Acquire lifelong leadership skills, empowering you to excel quickly both personally and professionally


For your teams: Inspire and motivate others, fostering a culture of trust, collaboration and excellence


For your clients: Deliver even better value and service, setting new standards of excellence and reliability


For the Business Bottom-Line: Drive tangible results by creating more value for your company 


It’s time to invest in yourself, your team and your business. 

Contact me to join
my Influential Leader Program 

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